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How We Use Cookies

What is a cookie and why do we care about? That’s a question you probably ask every time we come across a message generated by the browser when we visit some website. Well, in simple terms, “ a web browser cookie is a tiny bit of information that helps to identify an end user”, precisely a small file that’s sent to the computer or mobile device web browser from a website’s server and is stored in the user device's machine on the hard drive (laptop or desktop) or mobile device storage. Every cookie is unique and each service provider used by the website can send its own cookie to your browser only if your browser's preferences allow “accept cookies” setting. Its imports to understand (to protect your privacy)  that any well-known browser only permits a website or third party service provider to access their cookies only; the ones it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other websites or other 3rd party service providers. A cookie is unique – it could contain some information such as an identifier and the website name plus combination of digits & numbers. It helps any website server to remember and identify the end user’s device and aid in things like maintaining user preferences, or item’s searched, what was in your shopping cart, what’s use preference etc.


At HoverboardsNdrones.com, we use cookies to help us identify a past visitor. We record information about visitor’s online preferences using cookies that in turns allows us to tailor the website experience to visitor’s liking and interests.  Sometime, data supplied by cookies can help us analyze visitor’s use of our service and improve end-user experience on our website. For example, a visitor chooses to personalize the layout of the website and content to see the weather, latest news, current time etc. for their location or add an item to their watch list, favorites etc. In order to accomplish this, a cookie is generated by the web server and sent to the browser to be stored on visitor’s device. This helps recall information and provide these services without any further or future input from the visitor. In short, webserver cookies are really a good thing and used by almost all popular website like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, CNN with the goal to improve visitor’s website experience and improve stickiness.


User have the power to disallow cookies, most popular web browsers have the option and users can choose how cookies are handled by the system by tweaking browser settings. Most commonly used and popular browsers (Firefox, IE, Google Chrome etc.) allow users to modify options to: allow, notify or decline cookies. If user prefers to not receive cookies from the web server, the website’s experience may not be optimal and some website function dependent upon cookie use may not work.  You can read more about Cookie use on Google’s website or your preferred web browser Help section or website.