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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and we are committed to protecting privacy for all our visitors. Information that we collect or use are governed by our internal infosec policies in compliance with US laws.

Information we collect

In order for us to improve your website experience, we keep track on limited information about your visit like what items you have viewed, links you navigated etc. and we keep only this information to tailor product and services you may be interested in like showing you “related items”, special offers related to a particular item or brand or coupons available for a particular item or store etc.. We also temporarily keep information on the products you have added to your basket/shopping cart. At any point, no personally identifiable information is saved on this website unless you registrar and provide some information to setup your profile and preferences. Registration is not required to use this website or services provided by this website. All orders are processing using Amazon.com checkout process, 100% safe and once you hit checkout you exit this website and land at Amazon.com. All data you provide Amazon.com related to your order is protected and governed by their website policies and terms of use. You can visit Amazon.com and review their “terms of use” and “privacy policy”.  We record anonymous data around usage, pages visited etc. This information is only used for internal purposes to scale website resources and never sold or shared and used to analytics.

Visitors have the option to Register to the website and create a username and/or sign-up for our Newsletter. In both cases, we will ask that visitors provide their email address which is used to account verification and future communications only.  Users have the option to remove themselves, request to be removed from this website or the mailing list.

Protect your information

We use industry standard security mechanisms to protect the data we store in our systems and these are governed by our internal infosec policies.

Cookie use on this website

We use cookies to personalize your website experience, it enables us to store the contents of your shopping cart and allow us to show your shopping cart between visits. This also help us track, gauge and improve our services by utilizing this data for traffic analysis and projection future traffic growth so we can add resources as needed.  No personal identity date is ever stored in the cookies, you can get more details on the cookie use on this website by reviewing our “Cookie Consent Policy”.

We will never sell or share your information

We do not sell or share any information about our customers; as simple as that. We will not forward your details on to any third party or affiliates at any time.