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Why People Love Hoverboards and Drones?

Hoverboards And Drones

Welcome to, we offer the best hoverboards and drones available in the market at the best prices available anywhere else. We only sell hovernoards and drones, so you can count on us to bring you the top products available in the market. You will find a wide selection of hoverboards and drones, perfect for a novice or even for a pro. Take a look around and you will also find tons of accessories, books, manuals, protection plan and much more. Shop with confidence, and enjoy the savings!

Today’s hoverboards have one thing in common – they are not hoverboards at all, they don’t levitate and come with 1, 2 or 4 wheels like any other skateboard. Unlike common skateboards where you ride along the long length of the board, the modern hoverboards are more like Segway without handles.   So why are we calling them “hoverboards”?  The answer may simple be “it’s the closest thing to a hoverboard we have available today”.  They are sometimes also referred to as Smart Balance Boards or Two-Wheel Scooter. There are 2 plates underneath each foot which could detect the quantity of pressure you use and help navigate. Leaning forward to apple little pressure on the foot plates make the hover board move forward or reverse for backward movement. All Self Balancing hoverboards use a battery and requires safety gear.  Some advanced hoverboards use latest balancing technology which makes use of numerous 3-way sensing units and also gyroscopes to counter your weight and also to keep you upright. Thus making it wasier to ride, go backwards, or spin without the fear of falling off. The self-balancing scooter is truly a remarkable device and have gained populatity over the past year.  Makes a great gift for kids and adults alike. Some quick facts about hoverboards to today:

  • Hoverboards of today as self-balancing two-wheel scooters
  • They operate on battery and equipped with pressure plate sensing units and gyroscopes to balance and maneuver
  • Typical hoverboards have a maximum speed of around 6mph
  • Can be used by any person who weight in between 50 to 250 lb
  • They charge full in around 2-4 hrs based on the manufacturer guidelines
  • Most hoverboards are outfitted with LED lights for security and music for entertainment
  • Shoppers should only purchase UL 2272 Certified hoverboards
  • Hoverboards cost anywhere from $150-$500
  • Top hoverboard brands include: Razor, Swagtron, Powerboard, PhunkeeDunk, Hovertrax, IO Hawk, Ninebot etc.