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Although AutoCAD is typically used for creating 2D drawings and section views, it can also be used for 3D modeling. Some functions that are native to 3D modeling applications, such as texture mapping, can be used for drawing 2D shapes.

AutoCAD’s 2D drawing functions are intuitive and easy to learn, yet offer the power and accuracy of the best CAD applications. Users can produce drawings for architectural, engineering, and manufacturing projects and can integrate 2D drawings with 3D modeling and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software.

AutoCAD 2011 is the most recent release of AutoCAD. Version 2011 introduces comprehensive drafting, modeling, and design capabilities for 2D and 3D applications.

Although most AutoCAD functions can be accessed through the graphical user interface (GUI), the application’s underlying technology allows users to have full access to the software and interact directly with the data.

Design with data

Drawing tools allow users to create 2D objects (such as lines, arcs, circles, arcs, and rectangles) using paths (lines that connect the points in the objects and curves that connect lines). These tools have many options, such as scaling, color, line weight, and several line style options. All of these options, plus the path editing tool, help users create complex drawings and plans. The drawing tools also enable the user to delete or move the object, apply perspective transformations, and draw dashed lines and text.

Users can also use the drawing tools to create 3D shapes and objects, using either contour or polyline methods. Contours are based on the mathematical concept of a surface and are used to create outlines of objects. Polylines are based on mathematical curve and are used to create curved objects. Objects can also be created using surfaces, slices, cross sections, and solids.

Objects, including lines, polylines, and 3D shapes, can be combined in 2D or 3D applications. In 2D, objects can be combined by simply dragging them from one application to another. In 3D, objects are combined using the Joints feature.

Design with data

AutoCAD’s 3D modeling capabilities make it a popular choice for architects, engineers, and other designers who need a comprehensive, multi-user 3D modeling solution that allows users to design, view, and explore 3D models. Users can create solid, surface, contour, and

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AutoCAD Activation Code is also available on Mobile Devices via APX, AppBuilder, and AppStudio.

If a job is in progress and the AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version server is busy, users can save the drawing in DWF format by using the DWF Save tool from the File menu.

New features

Starting with AutoCAD Product Key 2011, the DWG format is used as the native file format for AutoCAD Activation Code drawings. Before 2011, the native format of AutoCAD was either DXF or DWF. Since the introduction of DWG, AutoCAD’s DWF Viewer application can now open the native DWG format.

Since the 2008 version, AutoCAD has a feature to read 3D point cloud geometry. This feature can be used to analyze inanimate objects such as geographical coordinates. Using this feature, the coordinates of the stars on the surface of the Earth can be extracted. The coordinates of the stars on the surface of the moon can be used to calculate its true position.

Since AutoCAD 2011, the API key can be set up to prevent unauthorized drawing activities, such as drawing with drawing ownership. The drawing of a user without an API key cannot be used to make the AutoCAD drawing public in the cloud and also cannot be used to change drawing ownership. Users can provide a drawing to another user by giving him or her the drawing ownership.

The drawing can be shared on social networks by using web services in AutoCAD Architecture 2010.

Since the 2012 release of AutoCAD, 3D objects can be placed in the drawing canvas, and can be edited, so that the objects can be used to create 3D shapes.

AutoCAD provides capabilities to manage and edit both 2D and 3D drawings on mobile devices.

Since the AutoCAD 2013 release, users can import 3D point cloud geometry from third-party applications that use the Point Cloud Library.

In AutoCAD 2014, a 3D annotation feature for specifying a position in a 3D drawing was introduced.

AutoCAD 2016 release introduced a drawing table feature, which was previously only available in AutoCAD LT. This feature can be used to create a table of a single line, which can be used to find parameters in the drawing, such as length, width, and angle. The table can be placed in the drawing either as a single line or as a combination of lines. The line can have a thickness and a color.


Open the Autocad installation folder.

Double-click on the icon of keygen.

There are two keygen files.

Use option “setup” to start the keygen.

Use option “recovery” to open the product key in a new window.

After installation, you can find Autocad 2017 keygen with the filename “RACADKEY.exe” and the file size is 11.8MB.

Is Autocad 2017 legal?
Autocad 2017 is absolutely legal and is fully covered by the license. It is also covered by Autodesk license agreement. You can freely use Autocad 2017 without any license and restriction. You just need to complete the whole registration process on the official website of Autocad 2017 by paying a fee.

Is Autocad 2017 free?
Yes, Autocad 2017 is absolutely free, but you need to complete the registration process first.

How to install Autocad 2017?
Autocad 2017 is easy to use but users may find some difficulties in the process of installation. For this reason, I have prepared a step-by-step guide to guide you through the process of installation on your computer.

Uninstall Autocad 2017
Autocad 2017 may not be compatible with your system. You have to uninstall it before the installation. However, we do not recommend you to remove it directly. It will cause damage to your system.

First, you should delete the program folder.

Go to the main Windows Start menu.

Click on “Start”.

Look for Autocad 2017 folder and delete it.

You will see the message that Autocad 2017 was successfully removed.

You should delete the Autocad 2017 system restore points as well.

Go to Control Panel and click on “System and Security”.

Click on “Advanced System Settings”.

Click on “Restore”.

Select “Autocad 2017” and click on “Next”.

Click on “Next”.

Leave the “Deleted files and folders” windows and click on “Finish”.

How to install Autocad 2017?

If you have the Autocad 2017 original installation CD, you can install Autocad 2017 on your

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Drawing Conversion Tools:

Copy Objects as Smart Objects, export objects from a drawing as a shapefile, import and export shapes and edit them together with other shapes as a Smart Object in other drawings. (video: 3:05 min.)

Save Space:

Save space in the new Drawing Manager by minimizing unused drawing assets. (video: 3:16 min.)

Automation of Stencils:

Automate stencils based on drawing attributes, attributes of other drawings, and (in beta) on your company’s policies.


XRefs are automatically updated as you add and remove shapes.

Document Navigation:

Keep your documents organized with a new Drawing Navigator. The new layout has three levels: new, active, and inactive documents. (video: 1:15 min.)

The most popular features of AutoCAD 2023 will be the Document Navigator, which will organize your drawings according to how frequently you use them. You can open, close, mark for review, and move between documents, even when you are using other tools. In addition, all drawings that you open in your active drawing are now grouped in the Documents panel in the ribbon.

You can now organize your drawings to find them more quickly. The new Documents panel has a new three-level navigation bar with different categories of drawings that will help you navigate to and from the drawings that you use frequently. The new Navigator can also be used on the command line. You can also combine the commands to open, close, and move drawings in the active drawing and active sub-drawing.

A new Document Type option in the Preferences panel lets you choose the drawing type of your drawings. You can choose from Lines, Shapes, Annotations, or Drawings. The same setting also appears in the Create menu, which has a new Document Type option.

A new File Type option in the Preferences panel lets you specify the filename extension for your drawings, such as.dwg or.pdf.

Adding and Editing Annotations:

Add and edit annotations in drawings, including with multi-touch gestures. You can also choose to annotate with a pointer or with pen/brush. (video: 4:44 min.)

Shape Selection:

Select geometric shapes based on a closed area of your drawing or on intersecting shapes. You can

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported Platforms:
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