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A screen capture of the AutoCAD Activation Code software application (Source: Autodesk)

AutoCAD Cracked Accounts is no longer the predominant CAD program in use today. A survey conducted by the Autodesk Architectural Desktop User Survey in 2016 revealed that there is now a more evenly spread usage of the application. More specifically, according to the survey, 74% of architects use AutoCAD Crack Free Download for architectural work, while only 24% use it for civil engineering work. The survey also found that 71% of survey respondents use AutoCAD as part of their daily work.


In 2016, the AutoCAD desktop application was the most popular CAD tool, according to the Autodesk Architectural Desktop User Survey. The overall popularity of AutoCAD surpassed that of the other desktop CAD applications offered by Autodesk, namely Autodesk 3D, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD MEP.

Platform Support

AutoCAD for Windows/PC platforms has been available since 1982. AutoCAD for Mac platforms has been available since 1997. AutoCAD for mobile and web platforms was introduced in 2010.

A screen capture of the AutoCAD mobile and web platforms (Source: Autodesk)

AutoCAD for mobile and web platforms was introduced with the release of AutoCAD 2012. AutoCAD mobile and web platforms include a mobile version of the desktop application, plus web-based mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 for $1,495. Today, there are multiple editions of AutoCAD, including AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD LT Architecture, and AutoCAD MEP. There are also standalone and web-based editions of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD was developed in 1982 by the Needham, Massachusetts-based National Semiconductor Corporation (now part of Microchip Technology) in partnership with IBM. It was developed as the first commercially viable desktop CAD software for the microcomputers and minicomputers that were becoming popular at the time. The software was based on AutoCAD of the then-two year old “AutoCAD” entry in the MIT “D” project at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

A screen capture of the original AutoCAD entry of the D project at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1982 (Source: MIT Artificial

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AutoCAD files are mostly binary files, although they can contain text information as well as other types of data such as DWF or DXF files.

Some of the more commonly used file types for AutoCAD are:

DXF (AutoCAD’s native file format)

Each of these formats can contain a considerable amount of data, though AutoCAD allows some formats to be compressed, in order to reduce file size.

While most files are binary, some file types (such as the.DGN) can be converted into binary, allowing them to be read by AutoCAD.

AutoCAD supports several file formats, and allows importing and exporting to several other formats. Importing a file may cause AutoCAD to open and convert it. This conversion can cause problems with the file if they were created with AutoCAD, since AutoCAD may not be able to recognize the file. However, if AutoCAD has ever saved a file in the format, it can recognize the file and import it. If a file is in a format that AutoCAD can not import, AutoCAD may be able to save it using a format that AutoCAD recognizes.

Creating files
There are various software packages for creating AutoCAD files, but their features and quality can vary greatly.

Autodesk has its own programs that allow users to create 3D drawings and edit them with AutoCAD, such as AutoCAD 3D 2012 and AutoCAD Electrical, which are used to create 3D drawings. In addition to these, AutoCAD also includes an ability to export to 3D formats like PolyWorks and Revit, and can save DWG, DXF and other formats. AutoCAD can import DXF, DXF, 3D DWG, 3D DWG and 3D DXF formats into AutoCAD.

The packages may allow for a number of features and applications that AutoCAD does not include, such as physics, as well as 3D imports. The features and applications can be used through their own AutoCAD interfaces, or through other software that shares the same file format.

There are many free and paid applications that can allow for creating AutoCAD files, most of them in the.dwg format. Some of the better known are Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer

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What’s New In?

Add, edit, or change annotation styles and labels using the new Markup Assist tool, even when your drawing is loaded in AutoCAD. (video: 1:12 min.)

Export to the new RTF format (supported only for drawings made in AutoCAD 2023). Export files have new metadata to identify which drawing object was edited and when, so that changes can be reloaded into other drawings. (video: 2:30 min.)

Productivity Enhancements:

Improvements to the standard drawing tools. Some of the improvements include line smoothing, allowing direct selection of segment endpoints, and adding contextual tooltips to the standard drawing tools.

Drawing objects can be navigated with three-dimensional navigation tools. Add, edit, and view notes on objects, without opening the DesignCenter.

Enhancements to the Animation commands. Automatically add animation to shapes.

Smart Tags and the Snapping Recommendations dialog:

Support for Smart Tags. Smart Tags allow you to add metadata to your drawings, including comments, annotations, bookmarks, text, and dimension references. (video: 1:09 min.)

The Snapping Recommendations dialog displays suggestions for drawing or editing actions when the mouse hovers near the drawing or editing window. You can quickly select an action from the dialog to quickly draw or edit the selected object. (video: 1:07 min.)

Modify how snapping works on annotation styles. Easily specify how annotation styles should be snapped in viewports. (video: 1:01 min.)

Assist users in writing documentation for their designs. Enter documentation text into the Standard Text property directly on the ribbon or into the Description Editor. (video: 1:07 min.)

Standard Drawing Tools:

The drawing tools are enhanced with the following features:

Line Smoothing. The line smoothing feature automatically adds minor line segments to your lines, removing jagged edges, enhancing the appearance of your lines. (video: 1:04 min.)

3D View Navigation. You can navigate from drawing to drawing by using three-dimensional (3D) visual aids. (video: 1:02 min.)

Add Lines Automatically. You can automatically add line segments to the drawing area when lines are dragged.

Paint Region selections. When you select a region with the rectangle or oval tools, the color of the selection

System Requirements:

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