Top Drones Ranked – Video Drones and Drones That Follow – A Drone is a remote-controlled flying machine like a helicopter but with 4 or more propellers/motors, typically made of plastic, aluminum and/or foam. Light weight and size could be as large as an XL pizza or as small as a coke can top. You can purchase a drone for your flying pleasure or go pro and build a complete business around it like photography, surveying, event coverage, delivery etc. You can purchase a drone already fitted with an on-board cameras that stream video directly to your iPhone or with some models you have the option to buy a camera and add to it later.

Flying a drone is like flying an RC helicopters but much easier. The smart electronic controls available these days do an amazing job compensating for the instability in the design, or the mistakes a novice pilot makes and make it a very enjoyable experience for all. That’s what’s so great about the Drone – it’s cool looking, amazing to fly, and super easy to fix. Most Done manufacturers sell parts, DIY repairs kits and even offer repair videos so even if you almost slam your drone into a brick wall it won’t be too hard to fix it up.

Top Drone Brands: DJI, Syma, UDI, Hubsan, DBPower, Air Hog, Yuneec, 3DR, Parrot, Holy Stone

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