Hoverboard laws and restrictions

Hoverboard laws and restrictions Especially popular during the school holidays, hoverboards are the most popular gift items for children around the major cities in the US. While there is usually a lower age limitation for these boards, there are no upper limits. This means that adults as well as children can ride on the hoverboard … Read more

Top 10 Emerging Businesses That Use Drone

Top 10 Emerging Businesses That Use Drone Long gone are the days when drones were used wholly for military purposes. Over the last decade, drones have evolved to everyday use. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles which were originally used for war and are now increasingly being used for key roles in civil and business affairs. … Read more

About Us- Hoverboard & Drones

Find out about us, who we are, how we work and our commitments to you as a customer. HoverboardNdrones.com is a purpose built website that offers the very best products and brands available in the market. We have a wide selection of top hoverboards and drones brands and models and pretty much have anything you … Read more