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You are a Tarnished, and have been exiled from the noble Kingdom of Elden. To recover your honor, you set off to the lands between the Elden Kingdom and the towns in search of the Shadowlord who had caused you to be cast away.
You will need to gather resources to fight the Shadowlord, and battle the bosses in his dungeons, accompanied by the help of companions.

* This content has been translated from Japanese and will be updated soon. We’d love your feedback in case of any grammar or translation mistakes. Thank you!
*** Disclaimer ***

This app is based on the Free Fantasy RPG title called “Tarnished.”

This app is free of charge and contains no in-app purchases.

Please use in consideration of the copyright on all fan content, as well as to the original “Tarnished” project on Android.


1. Main Menu

2. Profile

– Background image (optional)

– Avatar image (optional)

– Change Profile image

– Change Avatar image

– Profile list

– Avatar list

– Leave the game

3. Map

– Level map

– Town map

– Dungeon map

– Items map

– Time map

4. Equipment list

– Change Equipments (has an effect on stats)

– Change Equipments (has no effect on stats)

– Equipments only for this day (due to time)

– Equipment for sale

– Item list


– Change EVISU

5. Companion list

– Change Companion/Companion UI

– Change Companion rank

– Synchronized with your game

6. Character stat

– Health and Mana points

– Strength, Speed, and intelligence

– Statistics

– Equipments

– Change Gear

7. Items for Sale

– Prices

– Reserve spot

8. Difficulty

– Learn difficulty settings

– Pause

9. Magic

– Change Magic formula

– Change Magic formula for new magic

– To-learn Magic

10. Guild

– Map

– Information

– Guild bug

11. Pop-Up window

– Earnings

– Memorized Spells

– Spells in


Features Key:

  • Chidori’s Deception-style Reflective Attacks –
    You can also use powerful chidori attacks in battle.
    Characters equipped with a chidori-esque weapon can aim at the enemy from a variety of angles with increased accuracy with any attack equipped with the “Deception” trait as long as the attack being used has higher critical hit rate.
  • Elden Lords-style Original Character Customization –
    When customizing your character, you can freely combine weapons and armor with items you acquire in the game.
  • Picked-Up Items for Offline Play –
    Picked-up items do not disappear when you go offline.
  • 3D Graphics –
    Every detail has been recreated in 3D-graphics. As a result, the sense of depth and overgrowth are enhanced. Furthermore, the atmosphere is brought to life.
  • Enhancements to Characters –
    Characters have been enhanced in key areas, such as the skin, voice-over, and music.
  • Enhanced Menus for Easy Interface-Access –
    Depending on game situations, there may be more menus displayed on the screen to provide easy access.
  • Elden Ring released in New Zealand THIS THURSDAY:

    • Power Sockets/Power Supplies to be Rarities in the world of Elden Ring
    • Players can easily get an opportunity to contribute to the story
    • Stronger Success among non-Japanese Players

    Elden Ring released in Japan NOVEMBER 8:

    • Players in Japan can play without saving data
    • Loot/Level-Up bonuses for players on top of the World Rank
    • Customizable Worlds based on each CD of the game

    Elden Ring released in Europe and USA NOVEMBER 16:

    • Elder Scrolls Online Beta Test Coming in November
    • Promo Games


      Elden Ring Activation Code Download

      -Review of the Empire of the Elden Ring-

      -Review of the Empire of the Elden Ring-

      The Empire of the Elden Ring is the newest addition to the Tarnished Prince series and is the last of the original games in the series to be released. It was developed by Chicken Hearted Media and published by Virtuous Potato. The original was released in Japan, Korea, and China. It was never released in any English speaking countries.

      The Empire of the Elden Ring takes place in an unknown world that is split between two different countries. Boryu and the Kingdom of Shinari. Shinari is ruled by Queen Karano. Unlike her appearance, Karano is a kind and caring queen that takes care of her people. Boryu is ruled by King Xala and is protected by his two trusted generals Aynea and Gali.

      The Boryu Kingdom is ruled by King Xala. Unlike the Karano Kingdom, Xala is a war-like leader that does whatever he can to promote his kingdom. He wants to take over the entire world. He sends his troops out to destroy Karano’s armies so that he can take over their country. He is even willing to go to war with the Karano Kingdom to ensure that he takes over their country.

      In order to do this, he builds a large war machine called the Telibesum. The Telibesum is a colossal robot that has the power to destroy entire cities. Along with the Telibesum, Xala uses the Telibesum’s satellite to fire missiles at Karano. These missiles are able to hit Karano’s capital city. The Telibesum also has the ability to spawn dragons that are more intelligent than any other dragon in the game. All of these are constructed by world-renowned scientist, Rohan. In return for her help, he receives unlimited resources and a chance to be the one


      Elden Ring With Serial Key [Latest-2022]

      The ELDEN RING is a fantasy action RPG developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment with the support of FromSoftware. The story is set in the Lands Between, a place where the powers of the Elden Ring fight to decide the fate of the world.
      Players control a powerful and charismatic hero named Tarnished, who finds himself swept up in the fight between the Ashen Ring and the Elden Ring. Players have to raise their prestige, hone their combat abilities and wield the powers of the Elden Ring to battle through multiple chapters and move the story forward in the world.
      Gameplay lets players create their own character in this action RPG and greatly shape their experience.

      •RPG ■ Action ■ Adventure ■OPTIONS & CHARACTERS
      Tarnished’s status: Players can create their own character in this fantasy action RPG to customize their own experience, from the appearance of their character to the items that they equip.

      Players can freely combine different types of equipment and equipment can be obtained through a variety of methods, making it easy to choose the equipment that best fits the character that you want to develop.

      •Skill Related ■ Title Skill ■Sneak
      Players can freely upgrade the skills of their characters through the “Elden Ring” title.
      The “Elden Ring” title allows players to automatically gain a certain percentage of stat points from defeated enemies, to increase the impact of skills.

      Players can also learn combat techniques from the enemies they defeat.

      •Make Your Own ■Action ■Adventure ■RPG ■Fantastic Game ■OPTIONS
      Players can freely customize the appearance of their character through the “Virtual Makeover” feature.

      •RPG ■ Action ■Adventure ■OPTIONS & CHARACTERS
      You can freely modify your character in this fantasy action RPG.
      Players can freely customize your characters’ appearance to create a unique character design.
      You can also freely customize weapon types and customization items.

      •RPG ■ Action ■Adventure ■OPTIONS & CHARACTERS
      Players can freely customize their character.
      Players can freely customize weapon types and customization items.

      •RPG ■ Action ■Adventure ■OPTIONS & CHARACTERS
      Players can freely customize the elements of their character.
      Players can freely customize the elements of their character.
      Players can freely customize their character’s elements.

      •RPG ■ Action ■Adventure ■OPTIONS & CHARACTERS
      Players can freely customize their character


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      DUST 514


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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      XBOX One X
      Xbox One S (with 1 TB or larger storage capacity)
      Windows 10 or later
      HDMI 2.0 or newer
      High dynamic range (HDR) – As you explore the world of Hyrule, the overworld and dungeons will feature high dynamic range lighting, providing a more realistic and immersive experience.
      – As you explore the world of Hyrule, the overworld and dungeons will feature high dynamic range lighting, providing a more realistic and immersive experience. True 4K – Every facet