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The screen displays view of Spinal Cord Injury Patient Care. You can select the tasks you need to perform.

As a clinician, you have probably treated many patients with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Your task is to treat this patient effectively. Your first step is to perform a “what-if” analysis.


The Alch was placed with a posterior approach, pedicle screw fixation from T2 to S1, followed by spinal fusion from T7 to S1 (20 levels).The patient made an excellent recovery and had a stable fusion and good pain control.The patient underwent a lumbar discogram, which confirmed a stable and pain-free lumbar spine.

HEALTHY LIVING: Some of the key challenges facing spinal cord injury patients are the need to maintain good urinary and bowel control. We can help you develop a program that enables you to manage your health with dignity and independence.

Our patients often have a variety of


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June 23, 2000|The Morning Call

In continuing our “Letter from the Editor” series, Deidre Dennis hits at the heart of the current campaign effort at a time when the race to the finish line is heating up.

It’s far from the only election-season quirk, but Pennsylvania voters this year have been accustomed to an unusual rotation of candidates on county boards.

For instance, Montgomery County has seen three different candidates for the county’s largest board, the board of commissioners, in a span of less than a year. This spring, Commissioner William “Bill” Murphy was challenged by John Lewis, an incumbent who won the Republican primary.

Murphy, the interim executive director of the National Football League Players Association, won the June primary and is now running as a Republican against Democrat Nicole Cegielski.

Several weeks ago, Montgomery County Commissioners’ Vice President Robert Lippa resigned, making way for a special election to determine whether John F. O’Donnell or Stacey Laskowski will replace him.

In Easton’s board of commissioners, William “Bill” Kepley resigned when he won the March Democratic primary. He has been replaced by a candidate chosen by the Easton Democratic Committee.

And in Philadelphia, Commissioner Lisa DeFur has been replaced by Commissioner Vic Fedeli in the city’s Fourth District, after DeFur won the Democratic primary.

A common thread running through all of these situations is the unusual nature of the candidates’ elections. In each case, the candidate was preferred by one political party, but not the other.

While candidates from both parties may be rising to the top of the list of front-runners, neither seems to have a clear path to victory.

For instance, Stacey Laskowski was first elected to the Easton Democratic Committee in 1995, the year before she became the first Republican to win an election as a member of the Easton Board of Commissioners. She used a combination of her experience and party loyalty to advance to the top of the race.