hoverboard riding tips

Hoverboard Riding Tips and Tricks

Hoverboard Riding Tips and Tricks

During the last few months, the hoverboard has gained increased popularity. Take for instance when Wiz Khalifa was slammed to the floor by security when he tried to get through security at Los Angeles International Airport. Shortly afterwards, he took to twitter to complain saying that he didn’t want to ditch the devices that would soon be popular among his generation within the next six months and that he stood for his generation.

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While they aren’t exactly mainstream, hoverboards are increasingly becoming popular as they are showing up everywhere from sidewalks to video sites like YouTube. They are cool and judging by the number of people using them, hoverboards will be around for a while so it’s about time you learn how to use them.

A reputable brand:

The first riding tip is to ensure that you get a hoverboard from a reputable company. This is mainly because hoverboards have been known to catch fire while others have caused accidents leading to injuries. Additionally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has dozens of the fire and wipeout injuries.


Stepping on a hoverboard for the first time is a strange experience for many people hence the need for one to have a little bit of confidence. At first, it doesn’t feel like future transport but with time, one gets used to it and perseverance helps one master how to ride a hoverboard. At first, it might seem like these electric scooters are hard to use but, depending upon your abilities as well as equilibrium it could take you anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours to recognize the best ways to ride a hover board.

Switch on the hoverboard:

The first thing you gotta do is switch on the hoverboard. If the gyroscopes aren’t powered on, falling off the board will be easy. Remember that some hoverboards come with an automatic power-down feature and as such, your device may have switched off since you last used it.

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Use on level ground:

This is especially important for first time riders. The main reason for this is that part of learning how to ride a hoverboard involves falling off and using it on level ground with no sharp objects around ensures as much safety as possible.

Don’t lean on one foot:

Many new hoverboard riders make a mistake by leaning on one foot instead of two. Leaning on one foot will only make you go in circles. If you want to move forward, balance the pressure on each foot and lean forward. At first, this may prove a challenge but with time, it becomes easier to do.

Maintain an upright posture:

Perhaps the most important thing when riding a hoverboard is to maintain an upright posture. Doing otherwise will easily land you face first on the ground.