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Mudbox 2016 32 Bit Torrent Download

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The present invention generally relates to a power transmission apparatus and, more particularly, to a power transmission apparatus for automatically transmitting a desired driving force to a driven element.
2. Description of the Related Art
As shown in FIG. 6, a conventional power transmission apparatus includes a driving-side member 1, a driven-side member 2, and a multi-piece spline 3. The driving-side member 1 includes a housing 1a, a driving shaft 1b protruding from the housing 1a, a spline 5 axially projecting from the outer circumferential surface of the driving shaft 1b, and a clutch sleeve 6 axially slidably mounted on the driving shaft 1b. The driven-side member 2 includes a housing 2a, a driven shaft 2b protruding from the housing 2a, a spline 6 axially projecting from the outer circumferential surface of the driven shaft 2b, and a clutch member 7 mounted on the driven shaft 2b.
The splines 3, 5 are in a form of a first spline 3a, a second spline 5a, and the like. The first spline 3a has a contact portion 3a’ in which the spline 5 contacts the spline 6, and a keying portion 3a” located outside the contact portion 3a’. The second spline 5a has a contact portion 5a’ in which the spline 6 contacts the spline 6, and a keying portion 5a” located outside the contact portion 5a’. The first and second splines 3a, 5a each have a contact surface formed by rolling contact, which is provided with a plurality of grooves 3c, 5c formed along the axial direction of the spline 3a, 5a. The clutch sleeve 6 and the clutch member 7 each has a plurality of grooves 6c, 7c formed along the axial direction. When the clutch sleeve 6 is moved axially toward the driven-side member 2, the clutch member 7 is engaged with the contact portion 5a’ of the second spline 5a, which is located

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