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The TesslaSE VST plugin was developed to add some gentle and pleasant saturation effects to the incoming audio.







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TesslaSE is an expansion that adds some additional features to the popular AgilePreSonus TesslaSE plug-in. It is developed by the singer Mr. Xaver Schlumpf.

ANENECH is a free (GPLV3) and non-commercial multi-band equaliser for Linux, with a standard interface, with either GSM or PCM input. It allows the user to set up many different equalisation curves/poles. For small sources the user can use the default curves, but for sources bigger than a few kHz it is recommended to adjust the ‘clip point’ and the ‘Q’. For example, if you want to reach a ‘perfect’ low frequency response just use the ‘L’ pole (while adjusting the others, at least the ‘L’). However, if you want to reach a more defined mid range and a more present frequency response in the high frequencies, you can use the ‘M’ and ‘H’ poles. If you are not satisfied with the results just fine-tune the middle and high ranges.

For single-band (for mono) you can use the ‘L’, ‘M’, ‘H’ and ‘Z’ poles. For the selection of the frequency bands it is recommended to select the ‘Logarithmic’ option in the ‘Filter type’ combo box. Then ANENECH asks you for the input sample rate and the number of samples. Then, the default curves are created for GSM and PCM inputs. The user can see the responses of the 5 frequency bands in the ‘Plot’ window and change those responses as well. Each band has 5 settings for shaping, that are based on the maximum and minimum frequency values in that band. In the ‘Preview’ window the user can hear how the pre-created band responses sound like. If there are some regions where the responses are too different from the suggested curves, the user can use the ‘Reset’ button. Finally, the user is allowed to save/load the new band responses, as well as the default curves and the filters for the different poles. For this last operation the user can use the ‘Edit curves’ window.

Note: In the previous versions there was a bug that caused ENA to crash if you used the ‘Loop count’ option. This bug is fixed in this version and the loop count is not needed anymore.


Multi-band: ANENECH provides 7 curves for

TesslaSE Crack + [Mac/Win]

TesslaSE 2022 Crack (Tessla Suit of Equipment) is a plugin designed for adding subtle saturation to a track, adding that nice juicy presence characteristic of a “warm” sound. TesslaSE For Windows 10 Crack is a reimplementation of a previous plugin, MetersSE, from “Aurality Labs” which was a very popular preset plugin used in a variety of music production applications.
MetersSE is a re-interpretation of the classic S.E.E.Meters from the 1970’s. It used a set of preset curves of saturation values that you could use to affect various parameters of an audio signal.
The TesslaSE shares a similar concept of regulating saturation over a range and a set of preset curves that you can choose to use in your own productions. TesslaSE provides a reinterpretation of the original MetersSE with a similar concept of affecting the saturation of the incoming audio. I still think the original MetersSE is an impressive plugin, but I don’t think it compares to TesslaSE for its simplicity of use.
What is possible to do with TesslaSE:
You can use TesslaSE to regulate the saturation of audio signal. When the value of your input level changes, it will show a change in the saturation of the incoming audio signal.
You can add some gentle saturation to vocals in your productions and make them feel better, you can also easily make other parameters of the audio signal change. TesslaSE has presets that will enhance your audio; increasing its EQ, cutting, compression, crossfade, panning, VU meter, and more.
You can also see an example of TesslaSE being used to the VU meter and panning of the incoming audio.
There are no modulation, distortion or clipper effects. You will need a compressor if you want distortion and effects.
TesslaSE includes presets, this means there is already a curve for every feature you can use.
Features in TesslaSE:
TesslaSE offers a set of presets for easy use, I recommend that you change the preset curve to fit your purpose.
Since TesslaSE is a VST plugin, you can use it in any audio software.
TesslaSE was designed for Cubase 4 but is compatible with most of the audio software on the market.
General Settings:
TesslaSE has a few general settings that you can set to fit your needs. On the top panel, you can turn on or off the


This plugin takes advantage of TesslaMusic’s professionally developed plugin, TesslaSonic. It adds saturation to the incoming audio, harmonics and octaves and drives the incoming audio to more compressed audio where there is less noticeable distortion. Effects include Bright, Glass, Crunch, Sizzling, Pink, Tremulous, and Warm. An additional effect is the Clean, which removes the saturation and harmonics from the processed audio. This plugin makes TesslaSE work great with any of TesslaMusic’s plugins. It also works with a great amount of third party plugins such as AU3, UVI Workstation, UVI Workstation Carbon, UVI Workstation Pro, Kontakt Player, KinDk, Final Draft Audio, vST 2, and VST 3.
TesslaSE combines TesslaMusic’s hit saturation plugin TesslaSonic, with a a host of saturated/saturated VSTs plugins from TesslaMusic.
Separate the desired effect from the input audio. TesslaSE also includes some of TesslaMusic’s multi-band spectrum analyzer plugins.
Effects include Bright, Glass, Crunch, Sizzling, Pink, Tremulous, Warm, and Clean.
This plugin can be used with any of the TesslaSonic preset lists.
The TesslaSE plugin relies on TesslaSonic, released earlier this year.
This is a single module VST plugin and can be used with any of the TesslaSonic presets. It is delivered as a multi-format VST plugin which has been optimized for 64-bit platforms.
System Requirements:
64-bit VST and Audio Units (32-bit VST support included but this plugin would not function properly)
This plugin supports VST 2.x and VST 3 plugins.

TesslaSE is a plugin which uses TesslaSonic, developed by me, to enhance the saturation of the input audio, harmonics and octaves.
TesslaSE Description:
This plugin takes advantage of TesslaMusic’s professionally developed plugin, TesslaSonic. It adds saturation to the incoming audio, harmonics and octaves and drives the incoming audio to more compressed audio where there is less noticeable distortion. Effects include Bright, Glass, Crunch, Sizzling, Pink, Tremulous, and Warm. An additional effect is the Clean, which removes the saturation and harmonics from the processed audio. This plugin makes TesslaSE

What’s New in the?

Tessla SE VST is a new plugin designed for most of the leading DAWs. It can be used by (dry) track processing, FX chain, monitoring (or any other application where the audio input needs to be processed).
The plugin generates a “SE” envelope which can be used to control the saturation level of the audio input.
This plugin uses a new approach to VST plugins – the “SE” envelope is a customizable envelope that can be used with any audio source from any other device in the chain.
Because of this, TesslaSE is 100% plug and play. It requires no installation and a minium of platform independence.
Four different color themes have been created for use as default (bright orange), color scheme, (black), and for monitoring purposes (rainbow).
NOTE: NOT ALL PLUGINS/ VSTs ARE NOTABLE GENERIC APPLICATIONS! And this plugin is meant to be as GENERIC as it can be.
TesslaSE Features :
– VST, AU, RTAS, AAX, and Audio Units
– Master & Slave options
– 12 sliders for the “SE” envelope
– Three different color themes
– Saturation, mix, low cut and volume
– Input presets for monitoring
– Two hard macros (“SE envelope” and “Saturation”)
– Auto activation and deactivation
– Reverb preset included
– Special off-line settings for tweaking the saturation effect
– Presets saved in memory for easy and fast future use
– Export presets to.ini file (only to save settings to disk)
– Floating output for a direct use as a process audio track (also with multiple destinations)
– Rythmic mode activated and silent output (except when there is no incoming audio)
– New VST-SE Pack : 3.1.1 release on February, 2019

List of extensions, that you can download by holding down Ctrl Key and right clicking on the File you wish to download.
The Extensions will open in your default browser.
You can also right click on the File name and select download it as well.

This module allows you to control all aspects of your receiver, connect it to computer using USB and
finally watch and listen to it using remote control or connected to the computer.
Since it is powered with a USB port, it is completely independent and you can take control of it from different computers.

This module allows

System Requirements For TesslaSE:

Minimum Recommended Operating System: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Supported Devices:
-Touch-enabled computers: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
-Tablet computers: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
-Laptops: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
-Computers with touch screens: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
-Laptop computers without touch screens: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
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