Top 10 Emerging Businesses That Use Drone

Top 10 Emerging Businesses That Use Drone

Top 10 Emerging Businesses That Use Drone

Long gone are the days when drones were used wholly for military purposes. Over the last decade, drones have evolved to everyday use. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles which were originally used for war and are now increasingly being used for key roles in civil and business affairs. Their modern uses now range from taking photos and inspecting bridges and bridges to delivering packaged. Best use we have seen so far is the ambulance drone. Millions of people around the globe suffer from cardiac arrest every day and very few survives due to slow emergency services response time.

TU Delft’s “Ambulance Drone” is equipped with the necessary equipment like a defibrillator that could help save lives of millions.

There are many different application of drones these days, outlined below are the top 10 emerging businesses that use drone for various purposes.

Dajiang Innovation

This is a drone manufacturing company whose drones are popular among professional and amateur photographers to capture aerial photographs and videos. A laundry cleaning company based in Manayunk, Pennsylvania, used a DIJ Phantom drone to deliver dry cleaning to its clients. A man in San Francisco used the same drone to fly a ring and propose to his girlfriend.

Parrot EPA

Based in Paris, this company’s drones are popular among hackers and hobbyists. Martha Stewart recently admitted to Vanity Fair that she uses one of its drones to take photos in her farm. A serial hacker, Samy Kamkar, also found a way to hack drones.


This company manufactures high level cameras that are used for extreme action photography. These cameras are often mounted onto drones and used to capture images and video.


Based in San Francisco, Airware is a company that produces autopilots to serve as drones’ brains. These autopilots are often helped drones deliver vaccines to parts of Southeast Asia. They have also helped track a white rhino in a conservancy in Kenya as well as poachers.


Drones manufactured by Matternet are able to transport small packages in congested cities for courier cities or vaccines in third world nations. Matternet is a corporation that was formed as a team project in 2011 at Singularity University.


The company uses drones to capture data that can be used by property owners to track large geographic areas. Drones by Skycatch have been used by tested by various companies including SolarCity, DPR, First Solar and other installers of solar panels.

Denel Dynamics

Being the largest manufacturer of defense equipment in South Africa, it is no surprise that Denel Dynamics made its way to this list. Drones manufactured by the company are largely used for tactical reconnaissance as well as day and night surveillance.


The multibillion dollar company is in the process of developing drones that will be used to expand internet access in parts of the world where it’s not available. The drones will be able to fly as close to the ground in order to maximize the strength of internet, but at a height where they can still maintain endurance in windy conditions.


Like Facebook, Google is also looking to develop drones that will be able to make internet available in areas where it isn’t available. To make that happen, Google recently purchased a drones company based in New Mexico known as Titan Aeroscope.

Amazon, Domino’s etc.

Companies like Amazon and Domino have been testing delivery drones since 2013. The Dominos’ delivery drone code name “DomiCopter” has done some successful deliveries in UK and folks who love pizza are excited about this offering that is surely revolutionary and will make Domino’s deliver in areas where it was never able to reach.

Amazon is of unmanned drone for shipment is a future service that Amazon calls Amazon PrimeAir touted to be able to deliver shipment within 30 min and extend delivery to areas that may have been out of delivery range for many carriers. This services will initially be available in US, UK and Israel.

So you there you have, a list of top 10 emerging businesses that use drone and are making a difference in the way we live, work and play.