Top Hoverboard Brands

Top Hoverboard Brands


Top Hoverboard Brands

Hoverboards are an exciting toy especially for young adults and even the mature ones who are always looking for a thrilling experience. The fact that you balance on an electric device with no hand grips makes it a fun sport for the holidays. It is no wonder then that the hoverboards have seen increasing sales every year since they were introduced into the market. The design used in the constructions of these boards is more or less the same with a few visible variations to distinguish the brands. The single common aspect with all hoverboards is that they are all designed by manufacturers in China. Owing to this fact it may not make much sense to rank the brands but the aspects that make consumers to pick one brand over the other. Top hoverboard brands like PhunkeeDunk, Hovertrax, IO Hawk, Ninebot, and Swagway continue to be in high demand because of these simple factors.

  1. Pricing

Despite the fact that the design and origin of hoverboards is known, there are variations when it comes to the pricing. To spend anything from $500- $900 is fair enough because quality of boards in this range has been proven to be good. Anything that costs anything out of this range may either be substandard or overly priced. The performance of IO Hawk boards makes them to fall on the high cost side because they can withstand heavier weights and manage steeper slopes.

  1. Level of experience

When you go out to buy a hoverboard yourself, it means that you have the knowledge to ride it, are planning on learning how to ride it or are in the intermediate levels of practising. The top hoverboard brand you would buy if you want to learn first is the Swagway which requires light weight riding and the riding slope recommendation for riding it is not steep. As the level of expertise grows, the design of a hoverboard may change depending on the particulars of different brands.

  1. Safety

Safety comes first even when the quest for thrill and adventure is high. It may not be possible to get information regarding quality from retailers since they would not want to spoil their own business. You can however make your choice for a hoverboard based on what people have been buying. If a brand is common, then you can bet that it is safe. You may not be certain about the quality of raw materials used for hoverboards but commonly used boards have a low chance of exploding.