Unbrickable Resurrector For Windows 64

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Download ->->->-> https://geags.com/2nxh3u









Unbrickable Resurrector For Windows 64


The last update was released in April, 2012, the one most recently released is from February 23, 2013.

Additionally, for each version of the firmware being used, a download link is given.

Next to the download link is the last version in which the firmware is still current. As such, the version number is a strong hint of when the firmware may no longer be working.

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Nov 12, 2012
To Run The Ultimate UnBrickable Resurrector: From the Ultimate Resurrector wiki:

Unbrickable Resurrector is a utility to recover a “bricked” phone from.. if you want the phoned to be recognized in Microsoft’s Efuse tool.

Run the Ultimate Resurrector. The PC that this is run on must support a.. Can’t find Android.xml files! And with that I really need some help. Also, I want to know which..


My phone is also bricked, and no one (including myself) has the technique to put it back together. I use Resurrector and it recognizes it and shows all the phones software and hardware, but I can’t get it to initiate the upgrade, and Odin (TWRP) does not.
I use the Unbrickable Resurrector to power on my phone and run several tests to try to figure out why Odin isn’t working. I’m running Win 7 64-bit, and I have my phone connected to the laptop with the USB cable. My phone is a Nexus S.
I followed the directions exactly and when I tried the “System Builders Mode”, nothing is displayed.
Now when I set my phone to “Factory Default” using Resurrector, it recognizes the phone with all the info, but I still cannot get Odin to re-initialize the phone! I have tried multiple times.
I have also tried to run the factory reset of my phone using the “Home” button, and then tried to start it up using Resurrector again. I have always gotten “Unsuccessful” at attempting to “reinitialize” my phone. If it succeeds, I cannot figure out why Odin will not upgrade the phone. It will never let me run Install or Upgrade. It would be really helpful if someone could look at my example and determine why the commands I tried in “System Builders Mode” are not working, and what I can do to get Odin to run.
It is an overpriced piece of garbage that has killed all of my attempts at recovery. You can count me out of all future attempts at recovery.


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