what is a drone. a guide for newbies.

What is a Drone? A Guide For Newbies

What is a Drone? A Guide For Newbies

A drone is an airplane that does not need a pilot to fly. While this is the simplest form of definitions given in view of its mode of operation, there are other aspects such as size, automation and visibility that make them suitable for specialized use. The use of technology has become necessary to detect and avert criminal activity and drones have in the recent past been used for this.

drone-photographyA drone can either be controlled remotely from a central command station or from another pilot steered air craft. There are also drones that are equipped with pre-installed computer applications that run throughout a given task. Some of the uses in which they have been effective are listed below.

  • Surveillance and intelligence gathering

In the day to day running of an institution such as government, it may be both costly and risky to send out officers everywhere. The small sizes that drones are made in make them to be undetectable even at close-range. A surveillance drone can be sent into the enemies’ camp to collect data and take pictures of the activities going on there. In some cases where soldiers are meant to be sent for ground work, drones are first sent to analyze the safety of the area. This makes them important tools for preparing for situations before they happen.

  • Inspection of landing sites and pathways

In an effort to prevent attacks on high profile personalities, it is important to beef up security in the vehicles and buildings that they use. While this has been done successfully for a long time, it is expensive and often impractical to position intelligence officers along a roadside or entire landing site. An inspection drone is an effective tool for this kind of work.

drone-photography-perfectOther than being able to pass over obstructions, they can also be equipped with sensors that pick up signals when bombs and harm causing devices are present.

  • Tap into personal conversations

Knowing what people are planning especially if it is malicious helps to be prepared just in case they are planning on causing harm or damage. A drone can be used to listen in to suspicious conversations since most of them are silent not easily detectable.

  • Monitoring normal behavior

To be able to detect abnormal behavior patterns means that there is already a record of what normal behavior looks like. Wildlife conservation has been modernized such that it is possible for game wardens to study the movements of animals from the comfort of their offices. Animal behavior is straightforward because it follows a natural schedule. In the event that the movement, eating habits and socialization situations change, action is warranted. All this has been made possible using drone technology.