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Indoor Rock Climbing VR is the one and only VR climbing experience of its kind. The adventure is based on the original “Indoor Rock Climbing” iPhone game by Indoor Climbing and WallPong Studios. While the single player and multiplayer experiences are designed for a solo climber, the multiplayer part of the game can be played with up to 5 players, including a local head-to-head free-for-all.
Key Features:

12 Unique indoor climbing areas!
More than 18 challenging climbing routes!
Build your own home base and access to even more vertical routes!
Climbs up short to tall routes in VR.
A true VR climbing experience. Virtual Reality is like being in the game!
Indoor Rock Climbing VR is a simple, easy to learn and challenging VR climbing simulator game that has been designed specifically for virtual reality. You are able to climb short to tall routes, then jump from handle to handle. Grab handles one-by-one with controllers. Move with ease and do a ton of awesome moves with the controller.

Awesome game. This game is great!
I’ve bought it and it’s awesome! This game is fantastic and it has the most immersive game experience. Yes I’m in VR, but there’s no sickness. It’s awesome and the game play is super fun.
It’s hard to find a game like this. Please keep up the good work on your games. Many thanks.

This game is awesome!
I bought this game for my VR headset and it is a perfect fit.
Great game and great control options. the only thing I can think of is that it would be helpful to have more levels and more routes (of course I’m nit picky).

Great game.
This game is fantastic! I’ve bought it for my Oculus and Vive, and it’s so much fun to play. Thank you for making this game!

Hi and welcome!
Indoor Rock Climbing VR is a revolutionary climbing experience that takes your climbing to the next level. Place and climb until you are ready. Take the time to explore!
It is recommended to use the Controller and not the Touch controllers when playing Indoor Rock Climbing VR, we only support the controller which is compatible with the Vive and the Oculus.
Please click the “I am new” button on the top right side of the screen to learn more about the game.
Thanks and have fun!

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Features Key:

  • Full moon light with an artistically unique atmosphere and an unusual gameplay
  • Intimate minimalistic graphics in the lonely World of Cemeteries
  • Deep Story with surreal short comic episodes
  • Many, many, many items to discover
  • Rare and unique music tracks
  • Super challenging game levels
  • Many special treasures, including: Jigsaw puzzle sheets, screen savers, wallpapers, etc.


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A brand-new story set in the Dragon Ball Super Universe!
Birth of a Super: Mai is a street-fighter living in Tokyo, Japan. When her father asks for her to take on the mantle of the legendary Super Saiyan and keep his legacy alive, it’s a chance for her to gain all the power that she can handle!
Pledge allegiance to the dragon balls and fly high!
A brand-new story set in the Dragon Ball Universe!
Hometown Hero: Durarara!! seems to be like a story to put an end to the epidemic of multiple pregnancies in Downtown. Still, nothing can last forever. Life will throw you a curveball one day, and you just have to bend over and grab it!
Collect them all: Become a hero of your hometown with all the Dragon Ball goods!
– Play as Mai Kanzuki, a young woman who is in fact really a Super Saiyan!
– Become the fist power from Dragon Ball Super and the new hero of the series, she can make even the opponents not be able to move when she fights.
– Enjoy the power of multiple Dragon Balls and Dragon Balls themselves!
– Complete the story from the standpoint of Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta.
– Perform the many transformations of this cool character!
– A new story which takes place in the Dragon Ball Super Universe!
Players can enjoy the new feature, Fight Mode!
Fight Mode lets you battle the opponents from the Dragon Ball series with easy controls!
New feature, Battle Mode!
With Battle Mode, even those who haven’t played Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z before can jump straight into the battle!
Get ready to face two enemies at once with both Style and Balance View!
Dual-screen Style view makes it easy to use intuitively by putting the screen into two sections.
Easy to understand at a glance, a screen in Balance view makes it easier to make adjustments to the settings.
Unlock all the subclasses and gain new items to power up your character!
You’ll be able to choose from new subclasses and unlock new items by earning Battle points.
You can also unlock exclusive costumes by earning Battle points.
Complete a Challenge battle and earn Battle points!
Earn Battle points through Challenge mode.
The more challenging the Challenge mode, the more Battle Points!
You can also use the Challenge mode to obtain special items!
New items!
Unlock by earning Battle points!
Conditions vary depending on


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– Simple and amusing game design, very friendly to the eye.
– Useful recharging power
– Very detailed graphics, especially for a game for small devices.
– Play with the forest rabbit to a variety of amusing tasks.
– Get to know your way around the game.
For the PC version:
– Support for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.- Support for the gamepadQ:

A couple of questions about importing data via excel

The first issue I’m having is getting a date field in excel into SQL Server 2012.
When I import the xlsx file into sql server, the date field gives an output of YYYY-MM-DD. I need the date field to be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY.
I’ve tried casting the datetime column to a varchar and concatenating the “-” character to the field, but that didn’t work.
Any suggestions?


If you want to convert it to string and then convert to date then you can do this way:-
select convert(date,replace(YOUR_COLUMN, ‘-‘, ‘.’))

Instead of replace you can use find in this case.
Check this ms-access coding for date conversion.


Ionic runtime error on build

Trying to build my Ionic app on android I’m getting:
Skipping packaging of “android” since the “ionic: build android” task failed.

Running ionic prepare android as a subprocess and running ionic build android I get:
Preparing android for x86 platform.
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ‘:prepareAndroidReleaseDebugForPhone2xxDensity’.
> AAPT2 error: check logs for details

* Try:
Run with –stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with –info or –debug option to get more log output. Run with –scan to get full insights.

* Get more help at

Error: Gradle failed to build the app. Read the error message above to find out what went wrong.

Running ionic prepare ios works fine, running ionic build ios works fine, but running ionic


What’s new:

Lee Roti

As a child, 22-year-old David Lee Clove grew up hearing about the mystical, questionable machinations of his dad. The man, Jack Clove, was a man of mystery; he knew some strange things. At the time of this introduction, Clove still lives in Port Clinton, Ohio. For 12 years, he has kept his dad’s secret. He speaks of the things from his youth in a hushed, somewhat jittery voice. On top of the press he’s accumulated through an aging, ailing, dying father, Clove is sporting a very trendy hat; one that landed his dad a spot in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the global encyclopaedia.

What if you were from another world? What if the world you came from was a world that was completely opposite? What if one specific guy, showed up there? “If a stranger came up to your doorstep, in the middle of the night, and called you, “Have you seen this guy?” the unexpected stranger might have some important things to say to you. You could easily read that stranger’s eyes as mere suspicions, his voice as pure secret-keepers, and his existence as smoldering worries. However, if you looked in another direction, you might see that the stranger is running for his life. That stranger, with his back to you, is running from the greatest beasts in the known world: horns, wings, claws, tentacles and fangs. Tonight, you will learn the secret of the stranger, and what he is escaping from.

I’m often traveling, on a rollercoaster of dimensions, all synched to funk freaks, country-tones, and swing thumpers. Sometimes, I’ll take a page from the joker in the card room when the dealer walks over to you saying, “Sir, I’ve got a good feeling about this game.” When the riff raff starts drooling at the sound of ring wounds and a big jackpot, flash my pocketful of “duff” and whip out a platinum front, saying, “Shit man, I’m gonna go limp.” They all want a piece of me, wanting to find out what’s in the hands that deals the cards.

Guitar players are all too familiar with the murderous grip of they’re instruments.


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Spire of Sorcery is an action RPG with focus on the tactical turn-based battles. Play your way through a lot of adventures with different companions and finishing campaign by joining the bloody battle with your favorite bandit and his friends.
Three different scenarios in fully story-driven campaign with each about 20 missions that can be played individually or in co-op with your party members. The main story is completed after 4 adventures.
The player is free to choose what he starts the game with: weapon, sidekick and equipment. You can purchase new equipment, level up your characters and there are plenty of different ways to upgrade your weapons.
Each character will be equipped with their own weapon loadout. Your sidekick will be equipped with his own magical weapon that is unique to him. He also has other skills and spells available to him.
There are ten different weapons that all stats and properties are totally customizable. Every weapon has a certain damage output that will depend on the size and type of your character.
You can find a lot of different magic items that will increase your character’s power and abilities. For instance, starting from Chapter 4, you can find help on how to go through the Divine Gateway, an ancient tomb from which keeps pouring out spirits of dead attackers and where our main character, Novi, had a hard time escaping.
This DLC package includes full remake of the special scenario “The Great Gate” from Spire of Sorcery to expand the main story.
You will start the game with a few basic needs and equipment.
The first major goal will be to gain experience through fighting and looting.
You will visit new towns and locations where there will be many different opponents.
Your characters skills/spells will gain experience. It will be measured in experience points (XP). Every level will be accompanied by a unique title that will mark your character’s progress.
Development time for Spire of Sorcery
Spire of Sorcery was developed on the Unreal Engine and is in Unreal 2.0.
It is based on the original 2D graphical engine and introduces a new technical generation as well as massive gameplay changes.
Our approach was to keep a lot of parts of the original game and add an entirely new system in its place. Since the original version of the game was released back in 2015, a lot of the gameplay took place inside caves.
The dungeons were originally created from pre-fabricated rooms. There was no way of changing their design without


How To Install and Crack Zombie Survival Online:

  • Requirements: The minimum set up these off road requirements is Microsoft SideWinder. But if you want you can play games with emulator off-road one.
  • Amortizer Off-road need c Runtime library. Click here to download off-road. It’s a free library found on the websites, using information for backwards compatibility and offers type basic functions for access to computer files in the video file.
  • The off-road will be crack in the mission.exe, version %version%



System Requirements:

• 6GB RAM or more
• 500MB or more free space on your hard drive
• 8GB available disk space
• A fast Internet connection with at least 128 Kbps download speed
• A computer with Windows 8.1 or later operating system.
• A computer that supports 64-bit processors
• A computer that meets system requirements for the latest version of the game.
• A sound card (minimum) or a system that supports the Windows Media Player DirectX sound architecture (recommended)
• A DVD drive